Zyn Cool Mint mini dry

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Zyn Cool Mint mini dry is refreshing with intense but soft peppermint flavour with a biting, cooling aftertaste.

it's drier on the surface and half the size of the regular Zyn slim variant. Very discreet and very good.

ZYN is a series of nicotine products without tobacco and comes in a variety of choices with different flavours, strengths and pouch sizes. The slim, all-white nicotine pouches are made to have a comfortable fit under the upper lip and do not stain teeth.

Nicopods are discreet to use, they are completely white, both before use and while using. Use them in any place – in the office, at the restaurang, the movie or in the car while driving.

Quit smoking today and enjoy nicotine in a safer way.

Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Size: Mini

Nicotine: Light 3mg/pouch

Content weight: 8g

Finland: Approved

Canada: Approved