What is nicopods?

What is and how to use nicotine pouches.

What is nicotine pouches?

Nicopods is a development of the Swedish white portion snus. The main different is that it does not contains any tobacco.

The small pouch is like a tea bag, but much smaller. The content inside is made of high-quality food grade ingredient like plant fiber and chewing gum base as filler to give a soft and comfortable feeling under the lip. The flavour comes from food-graded flavouring and the nicotine is added either sprayade on or as tiny nicotine crystals inside the pouches.

Are they safe to use?

Nicotine pouches contains nicotine which is a addictive substance - just like caffein and sugar. You should not use it if:
- you are allergic or sensitive to nicotine
- you are pregnant or breast-feeding
- have high blood pressure

How do I use them?

Take one (or two) pouches and put it under either side of the upper lip. After a few moments, the nicotine and flavour is released. How long the flavour lasts varies between brands, but usually 45-60 minutes. Discard the pouch in the waste compartment after use.


Do I need to store them cool?

No. You do not need to keep them in the refrigerator.

What does Strength means?

The strength is the nicotine content measured as milligram nicotine per gram (or the weight of one pouch). Most manufacturers rates by a number or dots. The higher number or more dots means higher nicotine.

The overall experience is not dependent alone on nicotine content, but also the typ of flavours.

Do I chew on them?

No, you should not chew it. The nicotine is absorbed through the gum. Nicotine pouches is not intended to be chewed or sucked – this will inhibit product performance.

What does it contains?

It is made of high-quality food grade ingredients including naturally derived nicotine, water, eucalyptus and pine tree fibres, flavouring and sweeteners. It comes in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. It does not contains any tobacco.

Is it like snus?

Yes and no. It's used in the same way as snus, looks similar to portion snus but does not contains tobacco. This is a new type of product for recreational consuming of nicotine.

Can I swallow the pouch?

It's intended to be used orally with no digestion. Therefore, it is not intended to be swallowed.

Any age restrictions?

Yes, we are clear this product is aimed at adult smokers and nicotine consumers and we will only sell this product to 18+ only.