Shiro 11 Tropical Passion

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Shiro 11 Tropical Passion have a nice flavour of sweet passion fruit.

Shiro Tropical Passion Slim have a sweet flavour of passion fruit. In addition, the format is slim, which means that the portion fits discreetly under the lip. The portion is moist on the surface but dry inside, which means that both flavour and nicotine last a long time.

What is Shiro?

Choosing Shiro is a conscious choice. An active action. A fresh breath in your everyday life. Shiro is your new refreshing alternative among nicotine pouches.

Shiro are tobacco-free nicotine pouches that you use under the lip. The fact that they are white makes them a discreet option. Available in different sizes, strengths and flavours. SHIRO is made with ingredients and nicotine of the highest quality. Simple and tasty. For you.

Size: Slim

Content weight: 12.6g

Manufacturer: Philip Morris International

Nicotine: Regular 4.8mg/pouch

Finland: Prescription needed

Canada: Not approved