Shiro 01 Fresh mint

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Shiro 01 Fresh Mint provides a pleasant and balanced experience of spearmint, that lasts a long time.

Available as slim with medium strength.

Shiro are all white nicotine bags completely without tobacco. Our products are made of plant fiber with added nicotine extract.

Slim bags are discreet with balanced moisture, optimized for a comfortable feeling under the lip.

Choosing Shiro is a conscious choice. An active action. A fresh breath in your everyday life. Shiro is your new refreshing alternative among nicotine pouches.

Shiro means "white" in Japanese. Light. Like a voice that does not scream to be heard. You do not have to do that either. We see the beautiful in the simple.

Stay in tune with Shiro

Size: Slim

Content weight: 12.6g

Manufacturer: Philip Morris International

Nicotine: Regular 7mg/pouch

Finland: Prescription needed

Canada: Not approved