About Niqopods

Hello! Niqopods online are a very small business, consisting of a one-man team. I have more then 10 years experience from both eCommerce and the Swedish snus market (as a web developer and eCommerce Operation Manager).

As you might know, the traditional Swedish snus is banned from the EU market. So now, more and more manufactures releases a new product that is very similar to snus: nicotine pouches. It contains nicotine but no tobacco, so it goes free from the EU snus ban. Let's hope that they continue to release new products.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me through the contact page (sorry, but no phone support).

The warehouse is placed in Sweden and orders are shipped with regular post (max weight 350g and no tracking) or DHL (with tracking, starting from €6). We only ships to the EU and Norway and no orders are shipped on the weekends.

DHL delivery options

DHL offers something they call "DHL On Demand Delivery". This means that you get a notification - both as SMS and email - and the sweet thing is that you can choose another delivery date/time. Just click on the link in the notification and pick the best option for you.

Now you don't need to stay home from work and wait for the DHL driver.

magnus, the boss

Best regards, Magnus