On! Coffee, 3mg

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A regular strength mini nicotine pouche with a rich flavour of roasted coffee beans. Perfect together with your morning coffee.

The mini dry, all white, pouches is discreet to use and offers a nice nicotine experience without the tobacco - the nicotine strength is 3mg/pouches. The can has a space for used portions.

Nicopods are discreet to use, they are completely white, both before use and while using. Use them in any place – in the office, at the restaurang, the movie or in the car while driving.

Quit smoking today and enjoy nicotine in a safer way.

What is On all white?

On! is a 100% tobacco leaf free oral pouch containing nicotine, salt and ingredients used in foods and food supplements. Delivering a clean, fast, and stimulating enjoyment. Discrete, and because they are smokeless you can use them anytime, anywhere.

The places where you can still smoke without disturbing others are becoming extremely rare. And if this wasn't enough, these places mostly are anything but attractive.

That's where on! come into play. Tobacco free, clean, discreet and stimulating nicotine pouches. on! secures your nicotine supply for good no matter what situation you are in and at any given time.

Manufacturer: Raa Tobacco

Nicotine: Regular 9mg/g

Size: Mini

Content weight: 6.4g