Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint mini

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With the right amount of fresh mentol, along with sweeter peppermint.

This is the mini version of Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint. Small and discreet but full of flavour and the right feeling. Perfectly balanced, and fresh, mint flavour - completely free from tobacco.

With high nicotine content, Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint mini also provides a nice experience followed by a long-lasting, stable nicotine delivery. The soft flavour of mint makes this is the right choice if you prefer a less strong taste.

The mixture with plant fiber (cellulose) and chewing gum base contributes to a soft and comfortable feeling under the lip, while the flavour taste longer. The soft and white portion bags do not color the saliva (as Swedish snus). True white mint comes in white boxes with a Nordic design language.

Nicopods are discreet to use, they are completely white, both before use and while using. Use them in any place – in the office, at the restaurang, the movie or in the car while driving.

Quit smoking today and enjoy nicotine in a safer way.

Size: Mini

Nicotine: Light (3mg/pouch)

Manufacturer: Nordic Snus

Content weight: 7g

Finland: Approved

Canada: Approved