Nixs Salmiak

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With Nixs Salmiak under your lip you will get the wonderful taste of salty salmiak combined with a pleasant nicotine experience.

The well-balanced moisture gives a quick and long-lasting release of both flavour and nicotine. The full-sized nicotine pouches fits well under the lip.

What is Nixs nicotine pouches?

Nixs is a premium, all white and tobacco free, nicotine pouches. The flavour comes from top quality, food graded flavours. Use them in anywhere – in the office, at the restaurang, the movie or in the car while driving.

Quit smoking today and enjoy nicotine in a safer way.


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Content weight: 16g

Size: Regular

Nicotine: Regular 6mg/pouch

Manufacturer: Microzero

Finland: Prescription needed

Canada: Not approved