Ace X Guarana chili boost

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Ace X Guarana chili boost with a energy drink sensation spiffed up with hues of habanero chili pepper.

Mouth-watering and hot at the same time. This is the perfect flavour to match Ace X's reviving high nicotine level of 13mg/pouch (20mg/g). No tobacco.

ACE X is a all white nicotine pouche in slim size.

Nicotine: Extra Strong (13mg/pouch)

Manufacturer: Ministry of snus

Content weight: 13g

Format: Slim

Finland: Prescription needed

Canada: Not approved

3 Reviews
  • 5
    Say it again. Got 10 cans! My very, very favorite.

    Posted by Sal, Mr. Mile, Hi on 1st Feb 2023

    I have other great reviews of this. If I could only have one nicotine pouch this would be it. What a great deal on the very best you can buy from the very best place. Right here!

  • 5
    Guarana sweet and hot. Full of caffeine.

    Posted by Sal on 19th Jun 2022

    This is the best new pouch I've had thus far this year. It really lasts a long time. I've had one pouch in for 2 hours. Perfect amount of chili with sweet garona very taste. Effective caffeine infusion here. A one-of-a-kind. Don't miss out on this God

  • 5
    The B-E-S-T new product of the year so far!

    Posted by Salvatore Frascone on 1st Jun 2022

    Ace Guarana Chili. Not just a nicotine pouch. It has a Sweet Berrysmooth caffeinated boost from the guarana. A gentle bite of chili. What more do you want? Well, this pouch has been in my mouth for 45 minutes. And it's still flavorful and effective with its nicotine potency need more than that folks? The price is just amazing! By 10 + cans or more and it will cost you even less. Thank you for selling such a great nicotine pouch. A great addition to the many others that I really love.