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Enjoy the nicotine stimulation with the best Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches. There are many flavours and nicotine strength to choose from. Strength goes from regular to extra strong, with many also available as mini pouches.

If you want to quit smoking, nicopods can help you make it easier. This is a good alternative to chewing, cigarettes or vaping.

What is nicotine pouches?

The small pouch is like a tea bag, but much smaller. The fill inside is made of high-quality food grade ingredient (like plant fiber), with added, naturally derived, nicotine.

They are smokeless, discreet to use and are completely white. They are not bad for, or discolour, your teeth. You can read more about what they are made of, and how to use nicotine pouches here.

The all white nicopods contains nicotine, but 100% tobacco-free. It's a great alternative to Swedish snus and you use them the same way.

We sell all the major brands

With several flavours and brands (like Lyft, Zyn, Skruf, Nordic Spirit, On! and Shiro) to choose from you will always find a favourite.

Nicotine pouches are easy to use

Put it under your upper lip and the flavour and the nicotine is released after a few moments - and will last for 45-60 minutes.

Smokeless nicopods can be used everywhere:

  • In the office
  • In the restaurant
  • At the movies
  • In the car while driving.

They do not bother (with smoke or smell) anyone else and are perfect to use in situations where use of tobacco is restricted.

Quit smoking and buy the best nicotine pouches online today. And you can enjoy nicotine in a safer way. All prices includes VAT and we offer a free shipping option for most EU countries.